A discussion of the CRE scenario was held in Florianópolis

The event was hosted at the Majestic Palace Hotel last Thursday


SiiLA joined the event Cenário Imobiliário 2022 in Florianópolis to discuss the city's corporate real estate market. SiiLA's CEO, Giancarlo Nicastro, was one of the guest speakers, along with Daniel Malheiros, a partner at RBR Asset Management.

During the speech, Giancarlo brought some data regarding the corporate real estate market in Florianópolis, also showing the key challenges that the scenario faces. In addition, he remarked on the solutions that large companies invested in during the pandemic period, using work-at-home as an example. "The ability to work from home was a new way to continue work during the pandemic, but human beings need contact and exchange. As life returned to normal, it was possible to notice that working from home was no longer as high-performing as before, bringing to light the need to return, and many have opted for the hybrid system."

The future of Shopping Centers was also the subject of the lecture, along with the new trend of "boutique offices", spaces with great locations designed to serve exclusive customers. The event, coordinated by Paula Farias Advocacia, brought together a team of businessmen, realtors, lawyers and investors at the Majestic Palace Hotel, who discussed the scenario and had access to the most important data in the sector.