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ABB's new Brazilian headquarters at Jardim das Perdizes

The multinational ABB, with over 100 years of experience in Brazil, has a new home. Recently, the automation technology company revealed the change of its administrative headquarters in São Paulo to the Jardim das Perdizes project at Barra Funda, São Paulo.

According to data and analysis by SiiLA Brasil, the Corporate Time tower in Jardim das Perdizes is an A+ class development, with a private area of 26,931 sq metres with Santander, Ericsson, and We Work among its main occupants.

In the process of moving to two floors of the corporate building, ABB prioritized a space geared towards hybrid work and with open spaces to favour collaboration and integration securely. The new headquarters' design had the support of a committee formed by company employees, which sought to meet the different needs of employees.

"The intention is that the 3,000 sq metres distributed among 250 shared stations, as well as meetings areas allowing a great interaction hub, creating opportunities for people to connect, without leaving aside the safety still needed," according to Luciano Nassif, ABB Country Holding Officer in Brazil, in a press release.

Currently, employees in the administrative areas are working from home. After a careful assessment of the pandemic scenario, the company plans to resume the hybrid regime from 2022.

When returning in person, employees will be able to use an app to book jobs in advance, as well as parking spaces. Another novelty that the new headquarters brings is a children area for those who need to take their children to the office.ABB left the 740 Anastácio, a class A+ development, with 6,800 sq metres of private area and three floors, located in the City América at Marginal Tietê region.

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