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Aliansce Sonae sets up an Online Shopping in Rio de Janeiro

Focusing on the Omnichannel strategy, Aliansce Sonae has set up a project in Rio de Janeiro encouraging the 'phygital' experience for the customer, one that integrates the physical and digital environments. The initiative was initially implemented in Bangu Shopping, Caxias Shopping, Carioca Shopping and Shopping Grande Rio.

Called Shopping Online, the project creates a unique digital marketplace available to all interested retailers. More than offering traditional e-commerce, available from each mall's website, the platform will integrate retailers and customers, expanding the relationship network in both directions. The logistics will be the responsibility of Alsotech, a group company dedicated to innovative solutions, with delivery made by Box Delivery. A significant differential of the platform: the expectation is that deliveries take place on the same day, with express delivery within three hours.

"A brand that only has a physical store in one of the malls will be able, for example, to offer its products to the customers of all the enterprises that are part of the 'Shopping Online'. In addition to creating new sales opportunities for store owners, we increased the offer of products to consumers. We created a digital mall with the possibility of large scale", explains Renato Floh, Director of Digital Products and Omnichannel at Aliansce Sonae, responsible for Alsotech.

According to Floh, online shopping already represents, in some cases, 30% of retailers' sales and about 40% of purchases made in the online model are collected in malls, which reaffirms the trend of integration of these two environments. In addition to receiving goods at home, the consumer can also pick up orders at the mall, in smart cabinets, from a drive-thru system or even directly in the store.

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