AMARO starts selling products on Mercado Livre


Mercado Livre announced the arrival of the official store fashion retailer AMARO in a partnership that marks its investment in the category. There will be more than 2 thousand products available, including fashion, beauty and home items.

According to Dominique Oliver, CEO of AMARO, the company's strategy is to connect with new customers. "AMARO has a clear omnichannel strategy. This is another facility we want to offer to customers, who already find parts in our e-commerce and our Guide Shops, " adds Dominique.

AMARO's arrival on the platform occurs precisely during the week "Moda Livre Fashion Trends" – summer edition. The AMARO store is now part of the more than 120 thousand official stores catalogued in the fashion category on Mercado Livre. With the partnership, AMARO aims to add the brand's strength with more than 84 million marketplace users throughout Latin America.

"At the beginning of 2022, we announced our investment in the category, and this partnership reinforces our work to offer the best experience for our consumers so that they know that in Mercado Livre, they will find all the products and brands they want, with fast delivery and safe environment", says Fernando Yunes, senior vice president of Mercado Livre in Brazil.

Grand Station

Today, AMARO's headquartered is based at the Grand Station building. According to data from SiiLA's Market Analytics platform, the project is ranked as A+ and is located in the Pinheiros region, west of São Paulo. Launched in 2014, the building has 14 floors, and its slab averages 1,055 sq metres. The asset is considered to be of a high standard and also has DHL and FedEx among its occupants. The brand also has a distribution centre at the KSM Log Extrema condominium in Minas Gerais.