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Amazon starts an operation in favelas and proposes delivering on Sundays

Paraisópolis becomes the pilot of the e-commerce giant in partnership with Favela Llog

Image: Danilo Verba / Folhapress

The world's largest e-commerce company, Amazon, started its delivery operation in Brazil's favelas in Paraisópolis.In partnership with Favela Llog, the startup of Holding de Favelas, together with Luft Logistics, Amazon says it will initiate a disruptive action in São Paulo, which will differentiate itself by making deliveries even on Sundays and holidays.

"The idea is for the market to be contaminated with this operation, for it to be an example, as it benefits buyers and has a great social impact on the community, as 100% of the delivery people live on site", according to the leader of Amazon Logistics in Brazil Rafael Caldas.

According to him, Amazon's arrival in the favelas resulted from the country's maturation of e-commerce during the pandemic. "In Paraisópolis, we will learn all we can addressing all the problems we may face, which are the greatest difficulty in communities."

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