Amazon to expand logistics with Distribution Centre in Ceará

The E-commerce giant will have more capillarity in the country with operations in the Northeast

Amazon confirmed that it will have a Distribution Center (DC) in the municipality of Itaitinga, in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza, Ceará, within the next few months. With the new operation, the e-commerce company aims to increase its logistical capillarity in Brazil, increasing the availability of products in the Northeast and reducing delivery time.

In early August, Amazon had announced free one-day delivery to Prime subscribers, but the city of Fortaleza was out of scope for the benefit. The company currently has nine Distribution Centres in operation in the country, five of them in Cajamar (São Paulo), one in Betim (Minas Gerais), one in Santa Maria (DF), one in Santa Rita (RS) and one in Cabo de Santo Augustine (Pernambuco).

In a statement released by the company, Ricardo Pagani, Amazon's Operations Director in Brazil, highlighted its commitment to providing much better experiences for its consumers and contributing to the generation of jobs in the region. Also, according to Amazon, the project should start operating in the coming months, but the company did not give an estimated date.

According to data and analysis from SiiLA Brasil's Market Analytics platform, the logistics project that will get the operation of the Amazon CD is Log Fortaleza II, which is partially completed and will have a total area of 93,032 square metres.

The multi-tenant condominium is 25 km from the capital and is an A+ class development, with 12 meters of ceiling height and floor load for 6 tons per square meter. Amazon will become the largest occupant of the enterprise with the operation, with 64,923 square metres of the logistic condominium leased for its operations.