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Americanas filed for bankruptcy

What happens now that Americana has filed for bankruptcy

Currently, the financial market has its eyes on the Americanas retailer. After the annoucement referring to the accounting inconsistencies, which initially amounted to R$20 billion, the market is watching to see which approach will take. Despite shocking the market, when announcing a debt of R$ 20 billion, days after the first announcement, it was revealed that the actual debt is over R$ 43 billion. Recently, the company filed for judicial recovery, but what is a judicial recovery? This action is a legal instrument aiming to give a company a chance to recover from a difficult financial situation, avoiding bankruptcy.For the recovery scheme to be approved, it is necessary to make a formal request to the court and draw up a plan that will be submitted to the creditors. With R$ 43 billion in debt, the company's judicial recovery could become the fourth largest in the country's history. In first place is the former Odebrecht (R$98.5 billion), followed by Oi (R$65 billion) and Samarco (R$50 billion). After the order, when Americanas would have to interrupt operations and even see consumers moving away from the company, competitors (Via, Magazine Luiza, and Mercado Livre) can benefit from this situation. Analysts at Banco Citi calculate that, if this scenario materializes, Magazine will increase its volume of traded goods by 18%, followed by Via with an expansion of 15%, and Mercado Livre by 11%. With all these twists and turns and projections, the market must monitor and get ready for the developments that this story may turn.

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