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Americanas shock the market with the announcement of inconsistency in their accounts

The company disclosed a material fact last Wednesday night


The retailer Americanas is going through turbulence. Last night, the 11th, the company disclosed a material fact revealing a hole of R$ 20 billion in its accounts. Without making the origin of this problem clear, in the relevant fact, the company only mentions that they were accounts payable with suppliers:

"The Company's accounting has identified the existence of purchase financing operations in amounts of the same order above (R$ 20 billion), in which the Company is a debtor to financial institutions and which are not adequately reflected in the suppliers account in the financial statements of 09/30/2022".

Another important announcement is that Sergio Rial has resigned as CEO of Americanas as well as André Covre, the company's CFO.

Today, according to SiiLA monitoring, Americanas occupies a total area of 149,187 sq. meters. This number refers only to the area occupied by the company in logistics warehouses, not taking into account remote warehouses and other regions.

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