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Bank Credit Line to Refinance the Maturity of the FSHOP 17 Bond and General Corporate Uses

Mexico City, April 18, 2022 --- FibraShop (FSHOP) (BMV: FSHOP13), CI Banco S.A. Institución de Banca Múltiple Fideicomiso Irrevocable Number F/00854, a real estate trust specializing in shopping centers, hereby informs the public that it has an authorized bank credit line of MXN 1.80 billion pesos for a term of five years, which is in the process of closing.

The proceeds of this line of credit will be used to prepay the FSHOP 17 issue, with a face value of MXN 1.40 billion pesos, which matures on July 19 of this year, and for general corporate purposes.

The financing structure will seek to establish Sustainability Conditions by incorporating indicators and targets (KPIs) that will be validated by a Sustainability Agent through a Third Party Opinion, which will be in line with the consistency, relevance, importance and communication of the KPIs in line with the "Sustainability Linked Principles of the Loan Market Association".

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