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Barra Funda Terminal may undergo an expansion project

The project aims to expand the terminal with new areas, offices, and a hotel


A project led by Metrô and CPTM plans to expand the Palmeiras-Barra Funda terminal, located in the west of São Paulo. In the public inquiry phase scheduled to run until October 31, the proposal expects a tenfold increase in the built-up area, with the widening of sidewalks, bike paths and construction of a footbridge.

The project is called the Polo Barra Funda Urban Intervention Project (PIU) and, if approved, must be implemented with private funds through a public concession. The project's interventions reach 16.8 hectares, including the Doutor Osmar de Oliveira square next to the Memorial, among other places close to the terminal.

The average number of people using the terminal throughout the day, across platforms and accesses, reaches 310,000 users. The project is inspired by two European models, one in Holland and another in Italy, among other international references.

In order to attract new concessionaires and expand users, the PIU proposes vertical integration in the upper part of the bus terminal, with a suggested allocation of 50% for shops and services, 25% for hotels and lodging services and 25% for offices.

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