Border market consolidates FIBRA PROLOGIS

By Jesica Lara, SiiLA

At the ending of the second quarter of 2022, FIBRA PROLOGIS presented the document that condenses the real estate and financial results of the properties it manages within the Mexican territory totaling 4 million square meters of gross leasable area (GLA).

With a 97.8% overall occupancy rate, revenues of more than 1,350 billion pesos, net income of more than 1,173 billion pesos and 856,419,497 CBFIs outstanding, the FIBRA consolidates its plans driven by solid growth and profitability, according to Luis Gutierrez, President in Latin America for PROLOGIS.

It is worth noting that the markets located in Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Reynosa and Monterrey have received the greatest impact due to nearshoring, which positions them this quarter as those of greatest interest to investors, where they have the following occupancy rates: 100%, 96.7%, 99.8% and 98.5% respectively.


Regarding the Mexico City market, during the earnings call, it was commented that there has been more interest in last mile properties and even though there is little land in the region, there is a search for expansion to the north of the metropolitan area; such is the case of the acquisition made during the quarter of temporarily leasable land (Truck Yard) in the Vallejo area.

Finally, in matters related to their sustainability strategy, the trust recently published the second ESG report, where the goals of achieving net zero emissions by 2030 and 2040 are resumed.

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