Bosch Will Invest 5.2 Billion Pesos in the First Subsidiary Household Appliances plant in Mexico

Grupo Bosch, a German technology and services provider with an international presence, announced that it will invest 5.2 billion pesos (250 million dollars) to install its first home appliance plant in Mexico for its subsidiary Grupo BSH.

The new plant will be located in Monterrey, the industrialized capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, and will begin construction in the summer, Bosch said in a statement, adding that it will have an area of 430,000 square meters and, once it begins operations in 2024, will be able to generate up to 600,000 refrigerators annually.

"With our investment, we want to support and expand our business in the Americas," said Rene Schlegel, president of the German firm in Mexico, quoted in the statement. "Mexico has a very good infrastructure, a well-developed supplier network and skilled and specialized workforce, which makes it an excellent location for BSH production." Read the full story (in Spanish)