Brazil gets 135 ‘Maracanãs’ in logistics warehouses in the “year of e-commerce”

The number of logistics warehouses jumped in 2020 in Brazil, in response to e-commerce companies’ demand during the pandemic. According to an exclusive survey by the SiiLA research platform, almost 960 thousand square metres “emerged” for storage last year, the equivalent of 135 Maracanã.

The country ended 2020 with 17.5 million square meters in warehouses, with an occupancy rate of 86%. Almost three-quarters rated as a high standard, serving large companies, such as Amazon and Mercado Livre.

More than half of the warehouses (in meters) are based in São Paulo, which concentrates the highest number of consumers and allows deliveries to other states in the Southeast and South regions.

In the last quarter - Black Friday and Christmas - registered a net absorption of over 672 thousand square meters. The indicator reflects the footage rented by the companies minus the areas returned.In São Paulo, the vacancy rate fell from 17.4% to just 13.9% from September to December.

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