Brazil got the equivalent of 30 'Maracanãs' in logistics warehouses in 2021 with the boost of e-comm

The stock of logistics warehouses in Brazil grew by almost 215 thousand square metres in the first quarter of the year, equivalent to 30 lawns from Maracanã. The data are from an exclusive survey of the SiiLA research platform.

The heated demand for e-commerce has stimulated the segment, and the expansion follows an increase of the equivalent of 135 'Maracanãs' in 2020.

The country ended the quarter with practically 18 million square metres in warehouses, with an occupancy rate of almost 87% - slightly higher than the rate registered at the end of last year. Nearly three-quarters of this stock is classified as a high standard, helping companies like Amazon and Mercado Livre. (SiiLA does not monitor small storage properties, only logistical condominiums).

The consultancy expects even faster progress: by the end of 2021, it projects a growth of 3 million square metres - or more than 400 'Maracanãs'.

Record in Occupancy in SP

More than half of the warehouses (in metres) are based in São Paulo, which concentrates the highest density of consumers and allows deliveries to other states in the Southeast and South regions.

As a sign of the market boost, São Paulo's logistics condominiums closed the first quarter with the lowest vacancy rate since the beginning of SiiLA's monitoring. 13.05% of the area of the warehouses was vacant, against 18.45% in the same quarter of 2020.

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