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Brazil has almost 7 thousand stopped works, with an estimated cost of R$ 9.32 billion

Almost seven thousand works have been blocked in the country. The account is from the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), which took a picture of the progress of works financed with public resources based on four official federal government data platforms.

The survey, to which Estadão had access, found that until April, at least 6,932 works had stopped in Brazil, which had started work between 2012 and 2021. These investments total R$ 9.32 billion. The data will be presented this Wednesday, 27, during the March to Brasília in Defense of Municipalities, promoted every year by the CNM. The highest values on the list of stopped works are concentrated in housing and education programs.

The completion of the skeletons of schools, health units, road paving, sewage pipes and public lighting, spread across the country, is today one of the main agendas of the municipal movement due to the impact on the provision of public services and because mayors have been heavily charged for delays.

These works were initiated with agreements and transfer contracts with federal resources and the counterpart of municipal resources. “It is a waste of public money. They are unfinished works in the middle of the bush”, said the president of CNM, Paulo Ziulkoski.

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