Brazilian e-commerce companies increase efforts in customer service

With the boom of e-commerce, Brazilian companies are paying attention to customer service areas.

At Magazine Luiza, the customer service team went from 347 employees in 2016 to 2,000 last year, and another 300 people are expected to be hired by the end of 2021.

At Americanas, the number of people in the area grew 30% in the last five years, exceeding 2,000 experts, according to the company. In 2020, 300 employees were employed in the area, and there are about 350 jobs open to meet the demand of Black Friday in November.

Via, which owns Casas Bahia and Ponto, doubled in size, and volumes jumped from 100,000 weekly contacts in the customer service team before the pandemic to more than 300,000.

For Maurício Morgado, coordinator of FGV Eaesp's centre of excellence in retail, Asian marketplaces, which have increased its presence in the country in recent years, may find in customer service a barrier to consolidate in the face of the large national retailers, who already have a market well established with the Brazilian consumer.