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BTG Logística celebrates a deal to buy and sell CBP Ribeirão for R$169 million

The FII BTG Pactual Logística informed through a Material Fact issued on Thursday (10), a binding "Purchase and Sale Commitment Instrument" ("Purchase and Sale Commitment") involving the acquisition of an asset of the CBP Ribeirão logistics condominium, at the Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo.

According to the SiiLA Brasil real estate market research platform, the class A development has been 100% leased and will house companies such as B2W, DHL, Pepsico and Superfrio.

This acquisition also includes the Ambev warehouse, a remote warehouse located in the proximity of the project.

CBP Ribeirão is 312 km from the capital of São Paulo, with easy access to Rodovia Anhanguera and Washington Luiz, close to Congonhas airport. The asset has 45,308 square metres of total area, with 14 modules divided into two blocks.

The transaction amounts to R$ 169,200,000.00 will be paid upon overcoming the precedent conditions of the business.

The fund became the sole owner of the property.

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