BTG Pactual launches the market's first debenture index fund

BTG Pactual is launching the first debenture index fund or ETF in the Brazilian market in partnership with Teva, a company specialising in indexes for this investment instrument. BTG's ETF Debentures DI, which enters the stock exchange with the ticker DEBB11, replicates the Teva index in which 90 debentures from 61 issuers to the market with a volume equal to or greater than R$300 million of these securities.

Stock market volatility increased interest in fixed income

Both ETFs and the fixed-income investments, in which debentures are included, have attracted many investors who diversify their portfolios. Fixed income has gained traction since last year, reflecting the increase in stock market volatility. This year, the volume of debentures issued rose 35% between January and May, compared to the same period last year, to R$ 106.2 billion. Fixed income funds received R$98 billion from investors in the same period, R$4 billion more than the same interval in 2021, according to Anbima.