Capital Realty invests R$ 50 million in the expansion of logistic condominium in Paraná

Capital Realty follows the plan to increase its Gross Leasable Area (GLA) for the next few years by announcing the start of the works to expand phase four of the Mega Curitiba logistics complex, located in Campina Grande do Sul in the region of Curitiba. The project has an investment of 50 million and will bring another 27 thousand square metres to meet the growing demand for logistics condominiums.

"In the past two years, Capital Realty has expanded its built area and kept vacancy low. It shows that companies are investing much more in logistics, seeking to be close to customers and improving processes to speed up deliveries. In addition, E-commerce is increasingly getting stronger with the purchase of products over the internet. As a result, companies are adapting and looking for strategic storage locations ", analyses Rodrigo Demeterco, president of Capital Realty.

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