Ceará has increased demand for high-end logistics warehouses in 2021

The boost of e-commerce and the need to be closer to the customer led to a greater demand for high-end logistics warehouses in Ceará. The segment recorded records nationally in 2021, and the state follows the trend.

Although the market in Ceará is still small compared to the national market, the arrival of Amazon shows growth potential. According to data from SiiLA, which also monitors the market, the current vacancy rate in the state is zero for standard A and A+ equipment.

High-end logistics warehouses

High-end logistics equipment has become the majority of new launches in the state. This type of structure is necessary for the operation of global companies and large national companies.

According to SiiLA's CEO, Giancarlo Nicastro, constructions are made in the determinations for an A-standard warehouse and then seek certifications to become A+. He analyzes that this pattern is preferred by companies that arrive at the state.