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Ceará plans to attract and expand around 20 distribution centres in 2022 with Amazon

After the arrival of Amazon in October this year, new distribution centres (CDs) should arrive in Ceará in 2022. According to Julio Cavalcante, executive secretary of Commerce, Service and Innovation of the Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor of Ceará (Sedet), the State is negotiating to arrive or expand around 20 logistics complexes next year.

According to Cavalcante, the government has taken an active stance to attract companies from other states and multinationals to Ceará, at a time when the Northeast is showing itself as a potential region for business expansion. The attraction of distribution centres is also essential for generating local employment.With the rise of e-commerce, distribution centres have become even more critical structures to reach customers faster.

For the secretary, the arrival of Amazon in the State should attract competitors in the race to deliver products as quickly as possible to consumers. He also claims that Sedet is in conversation with key players in the market that should inaugurate similar structures from next year.


The growth movement in the number of distribution centres in the State reflects the low vacancy of logistic condominiums. According to the CEO of SiiLA - a company that monitors the real estate market in Latin America -, Giancarlo Nicastro, the vacancy rate in Ceará is at 0.33%.

Monitoring began in 2018 in Ceará, when the vacancy rate was at 6%.Nicastro explains that the market for logistics condominiums in the State is not large, but it is "good", with low turnover. The most significant demand for logistical condominiums has taken place across the country.

"The pandemic accelerated how most things are consumed, today even batteries are bought on the internet. More everyday things are migrating to the online market. It automatically leaves the physical stores for the logistical properties", he emphasizes.

Vacancy close to zero is explained by the expansion of companies and the arrival of new ones. According to him, Amazon occupied 30,000 sq metres, 10% of the entire Ceará market.

Giancarlo explains that there is still room to grow, but companies that come to Ceará may have to wait a longer period to start building.

"For next year, we have been monitoring another 50,000 sq metres to be delivered and by 2025 another 75,000 sq metres. There's room to grow, there are land plots, but it's no use building everything at once because when there's more supply than demand, it affects the profitability of assets. It goes along as the market accepts it", according to him.

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