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Ceará started to emerge as a logistics hub on the national stage


Upon completion, BWDiase Business Park Fortaleza will be one of the largest logistics condominiums in the capital of Ceará - Image: Aurum/George Films

The growth of online sales across the country with the arrival of Amazon and the wholesale network Assaí has been increasing the hunger for high-end logistics condominiums (A+ and A) in Ceará.

The state currently has 280,904 sq metres of properties classified as A+ and A, according to SiiLA's Market Analytics platform data.

The number is still low compared to the total stock of high-end logistics condominiums in Brazil, which reached the end of the second quarter of 2022 with more than 16.6 million sq metres. However, out of all this stock, almost 10 million sq metres are concentrated in the state of São Paulo.

"Logistics is recent in Brazil, and the trend is for decentralization to take place as infrastructure projects increase in other regions of the country, contributing to the flow of goods and aiming to meet the growing demand for product deliveries in regions further away from the centres concentrated in the Southeast, and which also have large population density, as in Ceará and nearby regions", according to Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA.

According to SiiLA data, Ceará closed the second quarter of 2022 with 99.53% of high-end logistics condominiums already leased. Eying this trend and the lack of vacant spaces, Aurum Desenvolvimento Imobiliário, which focuses on the corporate market, is one of the companies planning to launch high-end warehouses in the region in the coming months.

"Two years ago, we conducted a study of the logistics market in Ceará, diagnosis of land, average price, and we realized that no local real estate company was dedicated to receiving large tenants in the region. We saw this opportunity and prepared ourselves to suit this type of customer", says Nertan Rabelo, Executive Director of Aurum.

Image: Divulgação Aurum/George Films

Under construction, BWDiase Business Park Fortaleza was designed to receive the high standard classification by Aurum. The condominium is located in Itaitinga, on the border with Fortaleza, about 30 km from the capital's centre.

Upon completion, BWDiase Business Park Fortaleza will be one of the largest logistics condominiums in the capital of Ceará, with 200,000 sq metres of gross leasable area (GLA), 550 parking spaces for cars and trucks, in addition to a ceiling height of 12 meters, floor load to 6 tons per sq metres, among other specifications.

Aurum already has more than 50 thousand sq metres of warehouses in advanced negotiations, and the perspectives are positive for the coming months, given the high demand for high-standard warehouses.

Image: Divulgação Aurum/George Films

Rabelo stressed that the region lacks projects of this type and stressed the state's privileged geographical location for exporting goods from Europe and the USA. "In the region, a medium-term infrastructure project is planned that will connect the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex to the Fortaleza Metropolitan Region.

In addition, the expansion and improvement works of the 4th Ring Road must be completed, facilitating the flow of goods, either to the final consumer or to the port", said the Aurum executive.

Rabelo also pointed out other initiatives, such as national and foreign investments in the construction of green hydrogen plants, recalled that Fortaleza is the largest optic fibre under water cable hub in Brazil and one of the largest in the world, in addition to mentioning the potential for generating state wind and solar energy.

According to Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency), more than half of Ceará's energy comes from renewable sources, totalling 58%, adding wind and solar production.

"With all this, the expectation is that the production, import, export, storage and distribution process will leap Ceará", according to the Aurum manager. "The logistics ecosystem is being designed so important players have a strategic point in Ceará to supply the Northeast."

Do you want to learn more about Aurum or get to know the logistics complex that is being developed in the region? Check the details on SiiLA SPOT, accessing or directly on this link to see future availability or other developer warehouses for rent.

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