Centeranel Cajamar logistics condominium opens


Last Thursday (1), Racional Engenharia officially opened the doors of the Centeranel Cajamar, on the edge of São Paulo and the Cajamar region. With approximately 90 thousand sq metres of gross leasable area, the asset is located at km 30 of the Anhanguera highway, right after the first toll, for those travelling from São Paulo to the countryside. The logistics condominium is rated A+ by SiiLA's Market Analytics platform.

Centeranel Cajamar

Racional started planning the project's development five years ago and was responsible for the return work on the highway, which facilitates access to the property. With LEED certification, Centeranel Cajamar has sustainability specifications, such as parking spaces for electric cars, a sewage treatment plant and a forecast of solar energy generation, with a roof prepared to receive photovoltaic panels.

Other features of the condominium worth mentioning are the proportion of docks, of 1:680, the more than 170 spaces for trucks and almost 200 for cars, and a bike rack. There are also changing rooms inside and outside the common area, independent for each module, and a patio area is available for vucs or drones. However, the enterprise does not have a traditional cross-docking system.

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