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Centro Empresarial do Aço begins the fully leased

The Tower A of Centro Empresarial do Aço, began 2023 with for news for the corporate floor space market.

Launched in 1995, the CEA is located in Jabaquara and is ranked a class-A building with 13,080 sq. meters and slabs reaching an average of 1,486 sq. meters.

Centro Empresarial do Aço

According to SiiLA monitoring, the Jabaquara region has a total stock of 142,726 sq. meters.

The leasing contract started at the beginning of January. The term of the contract is 83 months. The leased area of the Tower was 2,172.14 sq. meters on the 8th floor of the building.

The tenant hasn't disclosed the information to the press, but all public information on the contract will be available on the Market Analytics platform shortly.

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