CENU West Tower welcomes new lessee in São Paulo

Bluemacaw Gestão de Recursos, the portfolio manager of securities of BRL Trust Distribuidora and Bluemacaw Office FII, communicated through a Material Fact issued on June 17, that it has signed the Lease Agreement signed between the FII and Orizon Meio Ambiente SA, for the lease of two complexes at Centro Empresarial Nações Unidas.

The lease takes place in Block C - West Tower of CENU, in sets 801 and 802, adding up to more than a thousand square metres of area.

The class B development is located in the south of São Paulo, in the Berrini region, an important commercial hub in the city.

According to the commercial real estate market research platform, SiiLA Brasil, Brasil Telecom, Outback, Dental Prime, Cisco do Brasil, and Bluemacaw are also among the list of tenants.