Clube FII welcomes investment and bets on education for real estate funds

The sharp rise in interest rates has impacted the dynamics of resource allocation by Brazilian investors. Variable income lost part of its attractiveness in the face of the double-digit return, with lower risks, of fixed income. But this doesn't' mean that the phenomenon called financial deepening, of refinement and greater diversity of investors in the choice of assets, is out of date. At least, that's what relevant players in the capital market are betting.

Clube FII, the largest platform of solutions for real estate investment funds (FII) in the country with around 300 thousand users, is an example. On Monday (16), they announced a contribution of R$ 10 million from Grupo Solum and ENE, by entrepreneurs Felipe Guinle and Eduardo Marinho Christoph, in an exclusive interview by Bloomberg Línea.

ENE is a venture capital (VC) company specializing in seed money and early-stage investments - early stages - in fintech and companies that operate with the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Grupo Solum, in turn, is a holding company specializing in alternative investments, such as receivables and real estate. It was founded by Rodrigo Fiszman and Patricia Stille (former partners at XP), Pedro Janot (former CEO and co-founder of Azul Linhas Aéreas) and Alexandre Amitay (former consultant at Bain&Co).

The funds will be used to leverage the platform's growth aimed at investors, developing and offering new solutions and marketing campaigns. Founded in 2015 by Rodrigo Cardoso, Clube FII has had an organic expansion to date.