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CNI lists the five trends in the logistics sector for 2023

Confederation points from an increase in sustainable practices to a rise in e-commerce


The logistics sector has grown increasingly in the country, reflected in the logistics warehouses and the area occupied by them.

According to Market Analytics data, more than 22.5 million sq meters of classes A+, A, and B logistics warehouses are currently monitored throughout Brazil.

The CNI (National Confederation of Industry) carried out mapping to list five trends that are to come in the logistics sector.

The first is already very present within the commercial real estate market and tends to grow more and more the ESG. This concept appeared in the market to reinforce all sustainability practices within the corporate world. This initiative has become increasingly common in the real estate market, especially in building a property.

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The second topic listed is the growth of e-commerce. According to data from the Market Analytics platform, currently, in Brazil, e-commerce occupies more than 2.4 million sq meters in logistics warehouses, adding up class A+, A, and B assets.

The last three items listed by the survey involved reorganizing the sector's supply chain, implementing a circular economy model in companies, and increasing service producers.

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