Coupa expands with offices in major Latin American cities

Coupa's main customers in Latin America are Shopee, Ipiranga, Heineken, Natura&CO, Americanas and Suzano


Coupa Software, a corporate expense management solutions company, has just announced the opening of offices across Latin America. The company now operates with its own offices in São Paulo, Brazil, Bogotá, Colombia and Mexico City, Mexico. According to Coupa, the choice of new locations was based on a strategic decision, as the three countries are the largest in terms of population and have one of the largest GDPs in Latin America.

The company have started operating in Latin America with offices in São Paulo, Bogotá and Mexico City

In the São Paulo office, the company adopted a hybrid work system, enabling regional diversity of employees. Latam's Vice President and general manager, Renato Brisola, stated: "[...] we already have employees in several parts of Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Florianópolis, and we intend to hire more people by the end of 2022."