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Cruzeiro saves almost R$ 1 million by changing its headquarters to shared office spaces

Cruzeiro has already saved almost R$ 1 million with the departure of the administrative headquarters and the consequent change of workspace to WeWork, a shared office company located in a commercial centre in Belo Horizonte. The board occupies one floor of the building and has been in the new location since January. The internal calculation is that there is a saving of just over R$ 140 thousand per month so far.

The reduction of expenses was already something planned by the current management right at the beginning of workplace change. As soon as it left its administrative headquarters in Barro Preto to go to the mall, the summit predicted a drop in costs of R$1.7 million per year. The forecast has been confirmed in the day-to-day of the forum.

Until today, the exact amount of savings with the change of location is R$ 991 thousand, as determined by Super. FC. The amounts are reallocated behind the scenes of the club. Other areas receive the investments and ease the severe financial crisis experienced since 2019 when the team was downgraded.

The savings could be even more significant if the club could rent the administrative headquarters building, which is on the agenda at meetings between president Sérgio Santos Rodrigues and members of the finance department. The intention is that the club will receive a fee for the rental of the place and no longer have current expenses.

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