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Cyrela bets on Metaverso for a mixed-use project

The project may represent 30% of the company's revenue


The commercial real estate market has invested more and more in technology. The Metaverse is an example of how it is becoming increasingly present within this scenario.

Cyrela, a real estate developer, is betting on Metaverso with a multipurpose project that will have commercial and residential spaces.

Foto: divulgação

Named Eden Park By Dror, the complex will be located at Brooklin, south of São Paulo. The first building in the Metaverse will have six residential towers, a commercial tower, and a shopping center, which will initially cover 5,000 sq. meters. According to an estimation made by the company, just two towers can generate around R$ 800 million in 2023. The first tower was launched in November 2022, and the second is scheduled for January / February. According to Efraim Horn, the company's CEO, Eden may represent 30% of Cyrela's revenue. The complex has a Potential Sales Value (PSV) of R$ 2 billion.

The project was announced last year as part of a partnership between Cyrela, Lavvi, and Hines. The partnership was reported on SiiLA Insights. You can read it here. Want to learn more about the commercial real estate market? Follow SiiLA on social media and write your story to

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