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Discover the new venture in the Pacaembu complex

The stadium has the project to become a multipurpose complex


Inaugurated on April 27, 1940, the Paulo Machado de Carvalho stadium, better known as Pacaembu, has always been known as one of the landmarks of the city of São Paulo. Including hosting six games of the 1950 World Cup.

Iconic for housing the Football Museum and for having been the stage for great São Paulo classics.

Now, the project plans to hold the essence of the stadium with the new multipurpose development.

Pacaembu will always be mainly dedicated to sports; as it is listed, no structure within the complex can be mischaracterized.

The only exception is the toboggan (as the stadium's south stand was previously known). This area will make room for a multipurpose building.

The complex will have an events center (up to 8,500 people), an arena (with a capacity of 5,000 people), restaurants, a hotel, an art gallery, and a sports rehabilitation center. In addition, the complex's equipment will be restored and modernized.

The hall rooms, the Olympic pool, and the gym will remain the same.

Also focusing on events, another addition is the events pavilion. With an area of 4,000 sq meters and a ceiling height of 18 meters, the space is already operational and can accommodate up to 9,000 people.

Renovations and works on this new complex began in 2021 and have since brought the stadium back into the spotlight. The project expects to receive 4.5 million people per year and can receive up to 60 thousand people at once.

The complete renovation is scheduled for 2023.

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