Do you know what a mixed-use building is?

Mixed-use developments have become increasingly common within large cities


The main objective of these developments, as the name implies, is to be a mixed-use place, combining within the same complex a variety of uses.

Most of the complexes are used by corporates and residential. However, many developments have leisure, shops, restaurants, hospitals and even hotels within the same structure (in addition to the segments listed above).

In addition to diversification, another advantage of mixed-use is the ease/convenience that this project can bring to the neighbourhood/region. This type of use makes the local economy move more fluidly. It is a handy business model even for people who live in the surroundings of the complexes, as they can find many different services at the same address.

River One

One of the newest examples of mixed-use buildings is River One, a development based in the west of São Paulo, with residential and corporate areas in the same location. In addition, the newest building to hold the title of tallest in São Paulo is a development that is part of a mixed-use complex.

Platina 220

Named Platinum 220, the building is 172 meters high and will have 50 floors divided into corporate, residential, and commercial settings and a hotel. The enterprise won the title of tallest after surpassing, by 200 centimetres, the Mirante do Vale. With the opening scheduled for this month, the building will soon be part of the new stock in São Paulo.

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