E-commerce dominates logistics warehouse leasing in 2021

Mercado Livre is the leader among the companies with the highest leased logistics warehouses numbers in the country in 2021. The information is part of a study by SiiLA Brasil, a data platform for the real estate sector. According to the survey, the Free Market demanded this year 216 thousand square meters of warehouses.

Most companies in the Brazilian ranking also work with online retail and logistics, such as Magalu, Mobly, Amazon and Loggi."In the Brazilian market, this movement is justified by the exponential growth of e-commerce since the beginning of the pandemic", says Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA, when explaining the role of digital retail in the list of companies that most leased logistics warehouses in the country in 2021.

In terms of overall inventory, transport and logistics companies lead the rank, responsible for 28.96% of the occupied area, followed by retail companies, with 20.30%, and e-commerce, with 9.36%.

Brazil has the lowest historical vacancy rate in the segment, according to data from SiiLA. The country closed the third quarter with an index of 8.95% of the vacant area in logistics condominiums.