E-commerce drives up logistics warehouses in Brazil

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Brazilian e-commerce recorded a record in revenues. It reached more than R$161 billion in revenue in 2021, representing a growth of 26.9% compared to the previous year, according to a survey by Neotrust, the company responsible for monitoring Brazilian e-commerce. The number of orders increased by 16.9%, with 353 million deliveries.

Faced with increasing adherence to digital shopping, Brazilian retailers had to review their strategies to meet consumer needs. At this point, distribution centres gained the scene, and the stock of logistics warehouses in the country also expanded, alongside the great demand. According to SiiLA's balance sheet, 3.2 million square meters should be made available for lease in Brazil this year.

The analysis also reports that 54% of the spaces are in the state of São Paulo, 13.5% in Minas Gerais and 9% in Rio de Janeiro. Also, a survey by GloboNews shows that 70% of logistics warehouses are in São Paulo - the vast majority in the metropolitan region, a location with easy access to airports, ports and highways.