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Enel moves offices to Marginal Pinheiros, in SP and Porto Maravilha, in Rio

Enel Brasil will change its address. The company is moving its headquarters from Alphaville, in Barueri, to the other side of Marginal Pinheiros, in São Paulo. By the end of the year, it will fill seven floors of the Aroeira Building, a class A+ property by BR Properties. The tower is part of Parque da Cidade, a multipurpose complex that includes shopping, hotels, and residences.

In Rio, the company will leave Praça Leoni Ramos, in Niterói, towards the Aqwa Corporate Building, in the Porto Maravilha region, overlooking the Guanabara Bay. The property, also an A+, belongs to the multinational Tishman Speyer.

Even with the change, the home office will not be suspended completely. The new spaces were designed for hybrid work. The company is still working on detailing this model and sizing the number of employees at each location.

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