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Expansion of e-commerce drives the warehouse’s sector

The expansion of e-commerce and the search for more agility at the tip of the delivery (last mile) revitalised the city’s segment of logistics areas and surroundings. FecomercioSP estimated that online sales represented 5% of retail revenue only between July and August 2020. The performance accelerated the demand for warehouses for distribution centres (DCs) and investments in alternative areas.

There are the large condominiums and DCs within a radius of up to 30 km from the city, especially Guarulhos and Cajamar, with new facilities for Mercado Livre and Amazon, which has four DCs in the area. Inaugurated in September, the most recent, with more than 100 thousand square metres, is the largest of the brand in Brazil, says Marcelo Giugliano, retail director at Amazon. In the State of São Paulo, the stock of high-end developments reached 8 million square metres, and the vacancy dropped from 18% to 13% between January and December. “It’s the best year since 2011”, says Giancarlo Nicastro, from SiiLA Brazil, a specialist in sector monitoring.

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