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EZTec will establish a new succession model in the next three years

EZTec will define a new succession model in the next three years. The definition of the design to be drawn will be supported by the consulting firm Betania Tanure Associados (BTA). The format may include the third generation of the family, grandchildren of the founder and former chairman of the developer's board of directors, Ernesto Zarzur - who died two months ago - and professional executives. EZTec was founded in 1979, in São Paulo, by the businessman and his two eldest sons, Flávio Ernesto Zarzur and Silvio Ernesto Zarzur.

In 2006, the patriarch created a rotation system for his four sons to take turns in the presidency of EZTec. Currently, Marcelo Ernesto Zarzur is the president and technical director. Recently, the vice president of EZTec, Flávio Ernesto Zarzur, assumed the board's presidency, with a one-year term that tends to extend for another two.

With more than 40 years of experience in development, the new chairman states that the year 2022 does not show an "easy scenario", with elections, the World Cup and double-digit interest rates. "January was not a good month in terms of sales, launches or inventories", he says. The performance reflects, according to him, the apprehension of consumers in the face of high inflation. For this year, EZTec has expectations of a 0.5% rise in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and increases of 5.5% in the IPCA and 7.5% in the INCC.

The company is preparing a high-end real estate launch in Vila Clementino, in the south of the city of São Paulo, with a General Sales Value (PSV) of R$ 400 million. It is the first project to be presented this year. "To launch other ventures, we are going to want a greater volume of sales, to see how the market is doing", says Flávio Zarzur. EZTec has R$ 2 billion in projects approved in the city of São Paulo but has not defined a "guidance" of launches for this year. In 2021, it had a PSV of R$1.9 billion.

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