Fator acquires managers and securitization companies from Ourinvest

Fator Capital, owned by Walter Appel, agreed to acquire the asset management, securitization and credit fintech operations of the Ourinvest group, including the area of real estate assets. With the agreement, it will merge into a new company, called Fator ORE Real Estate, four companies and the investment holding of Ourinvest. The details of the transaction have not been disclosed.Still, the idea is that everything will become a major “partnership” over time, preparing the ground for a future listing of the shares on the stock exchange, says João Antonio Lopes, CEO of Banco Fator.

With the business combination in asset management, Fator adds R$1.21 billion between real estate, agribusiness and credit investment funds, which will add to the R$4 billion from Fator Administração de Recursos assets of the group. In issuances since 2016, there have been R$2.1 billion in real estate receivables (CRI) certificates and another R$1.4 billion in agribusiness bonds (CRA), says Bruce Philips, CEO of Ourinvest Real Estate and one of the partners of the bank after about 30 years in the institution.

“Banco Ourinvest turned mainly to the foreign exchange market after selling its DTVM to BTG two years ago, and this was also a motivation for us to join Fator”, says Philips. “When it started, in 2016, it had the support of DTVM to distribute our funds and investment strategies, and with DTVM sold, they [the new owners] will privilege their issuances.

”It is the second time that the Ourinvest group has left the real estate segment after being one of the pioneers in offering funds along what is known today. It made the first retail offer with quotas linked to the rents of Shopping Pátio Higienópolis in 1999. It created an independent mortgage company, Brazilian Mortgages, and a securitization company, Brazilian Securities, which kick-started the issuance of CRI in Brazil. In 2012, they had the equivalent of R$10 billion under management and a similar volume made in CRI, when the holding company that owned the platforms, Brazilian Finance & Real Estate, was sold to BTG Pactual and Panamericano (Pan).