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Fibras reach a value of 331 billion pesos in the stock market

Eleven years after their birth, the 16 Real Estate Investment Trusts (Fibras) reach a value of 381,282 million pesos in the Mexican Stock Exchange, which represents 8.08% of the entire capitalization of the stock market, according to information from the World Federation of Exchanges, and this year it is expected that at least four that are in the process of being listed will be added.

The most valuable real estate trusts are Fibra Uno, Fibra Educa and Fibra Prologis, which together account for 62.20% of the total market capitalization value of the fibras.

The smallest fibras by market value are Fibra HD, Fibra Inn and Fibra Upside, with a value of Ps. 1,141 million, Ps. 1,758 million and Ps. 1,800 million, in that order.

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