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Fibras remain in constant transformation in the search for stability

The reactivation of most of the markets in the country, as well as the multiple actions by foreign investors, are just some of the aspects that have helped the recovery.

In this regard, SiiLA's Country Manager Mexico, Alejandro Delgado, mentioned that last year, trusts with office, shopping center and hotel assets were the most affected during the pandemic.

Despite these facts, in 2021 there was a panorama of opportunities that helped in the recovery of the segment. One of the actions taken was the evaluation of space reconversions, which facilitated the transformation of the market to adapt to the new needs.

According to SiiLA, at the end of 2Q2021, fibers recorded FFO revenues of Ps. 5.42 billion. This figure symbolizes a recovery of 92% of reported revenues, which is encouraging information for the market.

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