FII got another proposal worth R$466.4 million for Metropolitan and Platinum


The FII CSHG Prime Offices informed the market that it received another proposal to sell the Metropolitan and Platinum office buildings in São Paulo.

Metropolitan Offices

According to the fund, the new proposal is R$ 466.4 million, equivalent to R$ 36.8 thousand per sq metre. The amount would still be 3.56% above previous proposals. However, it would still be 5.17% lower than the minimum price of properties established in the assembly, not counting the inflation revision.

The assets are considered class B, following the rigorous standards of SiiLA, and are located in the Itaim Bibi region. The Platinum was delivered in 2001 with a private area of 1,995 sq metres and 11 floors, which can be split into two sets. The Metropolitan Office is a 1977 building with 8,215 sq metres of private area and 16 floors.

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