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FII Mogno Logística acquires four logistics warehouses in SP and RJ

Mogno Logística FII informed the market that it signed a purchase and sale commitment, including suspensive conditions, to acquire four remote warehouses. All have active lease agreements, are located in the southeast, in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and, according to the FII, the term is for the acquisition of 100% of the developments.

According to the relevant fact, it was acquired for R$180 million. Accordingly, the Itambé and Supermarket are jointly acquired for R$72,951,440.60, with the following individual amounts being attributed R$50,030,840.38 to the Itambé R$22,920,600.25 for the Supermarket Property. The Ceratti and Magna properties will also be acquired for the amount of R$95,930,161.10. Accordingly, each of them is allocated the following individual values R$66,358,283.63 for the Ceratti Property; and R$29,571,877.52 for the Magna Property.

SiiLA Brasil's Market Analytics subscribers can access the form of Brazilian logistical properties and complete information on the transactions, including the analysis of the Cap Rate. Access:

Check the developments below:

1) Itambé Property

The property is located in an area close to São Paulo's city centre with a total area of 8,058 square metres. The project has an active lease for 100% of its space to Itambé Alimentos.

2) Supermarket property

The project is located in the Pavuna region, in Rio de Janeiro and has a lease agreement with Supermarket.

3) Ceratti Property

This property is located in the Jundiaí region, in São Paulo, and has 18,851 square metres.

4) Property Magna

The project is located in the Jundiaí region, in São Paulo, and is 100% leased to Magna, a vehicle and parts company.

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