FII Torre Norte gets a proposal to acquire Torre Norte

The Torre Norte Real Estate Investment Fund (FII) informed the market that it had received a bid to acquire the entirety of a fraction of the Torre Norte project of the United Nations Business Center (CENU) at Avenida das Nações Unidas, in São Paulo.

The proposed acquisition of the property was made by Barzel Properties Gestão de Recursos and informed through a material fact at the end of December 2021. FII Torre Norte is the sole owner of the building.

According to the relevant fact, if the FII Torre Norte understands that the proposal is valid, it will be necessary to convene the Extraordinary General Meeting for analysis and validation of the shareholders of the matter presented.

According to data and analysis from SiiLA's Market Analytics platform, CENU's North Tower is a high-end development with a total private area of 55,916 sq metres. The WeWork coworking network and Infracommerce are among the main tenants.