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Giancarlo Nicastro launches the new version of SiiLA SPOT at an event at River One

On Thursday (14), SiiLA and RBR Asset Management hosted guests to the GRIClub, which discussed the importance of technology in commercial asset transactions

The panel was joined by Lucas Tortelli (Head of Real Estate) from the GRI Club, Caio Castro (Partner at RBR Asset Management), Gustavo Zanotto (Head of Innovation at Proptalks), Roberto Hasil (Supply Chain Director at Mondelez) and Marcella Torres (Health Manager from Vivo). After the discussion, Giancarlo Nicastro showed the new proposal of SiiLA SPOT, another SiiLA solution, which combines the experience of more than seven years in the commercial real estate market with technology and marketing to unite commercial real estate owners and brokers with its future tenants, in a powerful and fluid way. The new SPOT proposal allows owners and brokers to create a unique page with their entire portfolio of assets. Thus, with just one click, it is possible to share properties and availability for rent and sale, always with updated information and data, in addition to having a virtual tour of the spaces, high-quality photos and content produced by the SiiLA marketing team.

Another critical difference is that SiiLA SPOT customers do not pay any commission on real estate transactions, whether sold or leased. To have the property in the solution, the client pays only for the asset's exposure. Contact between future tenants and owners is made directly, without intermediation. After showing a video with the novelty, Giancarlo invited the participants for a technical visit to the project, where it was possible to check out the 180-degree view and the sunset from the eighth floor. SiiLA and RBR closed the event with a cocktail for the guests.

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