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Giancarlo Nicastro speaks about the logistics warehouses scenario


Valor Econômico newspaper published the magazine "Valor Setorial - Infraestrutura e Logística" to subscribers today with a report on the current scenario and future projections for logistics warehouses in Brazil. Giancarlo Nicastro, the CEO of SiiLA was one of the sources heard for the article.

Nicastro analyzed the current scenario as a whole and how the country's economy can dictate the pace of the segment. "We are at a time when not only e-commerce but also other economic activities need sufficient quality and infrastructure to optimize logistical operations, which forces us to leave behind areas that are now considered outdated, which no longer meet market requirements.", adds Giancarlo.

For the CEO, this year's optimistic scenario for the country's economy allows for a record in delivering new areas, something around 3.2 million sq metres.

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