Gol sealed a partnership with Mercado Livre and will now have aircraft dedicated to shipping

Azul partnered with FedEx in this segment

The cargo segment has gained prominence in the strategy of Brazilian airlines, which have not yet recovered passenger numbers post-pandemic and faced billions in losses in the second quarter of 2022.

With new business models, Gol and Azul bet that the segment should continue to grow, driven mainly by the demand for e-commerce.This week, Gol announced the first six cargo aircraft in partnership with Mercado Livre. The Boeing 737-800 BCF is part of the April long-term contract. There is also the option to add another six aircraft by 2025. ”With this aircraft, we will revolutionize deliveries in the country. We will be the first airline to take one-day deliveries to the Northeast,” Gol CEO Celso Ferrer said.