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GPA starts selling logistics services to retailers

GPA, owner of Pão de Açúcar supermarkets and the Extra hypermarket, is starting to sell logistics services, expanding the list of chains that started using their delivery and storage structures to generate new revenue. These are initial steps within "fulfilment", the set of services for digital sales, which should grow importance in the group in 2022.

A few weeks ago, GPA began collecting products from storeowners in its "marketplace" (virtual shopping mall) and offering the sellers the prices of the tables negotiated with the Correios.

In 2022, it should advance in two crucial stages, affecting the dispute for this market for services to retailers. These are the storage of sellers' products in their distribution centres and the use of the group's 870 stores as a collection and shipping point for retailers' goods. Competitor Carrefour does not offer these two possibilities, but other platforms are progressing in the sector.

Mercado Livre uses its centres as a storage area for food retail. Magazine Luiza collects and delivers items from retailers' supermarkets and stores its own products in its stores. This strategy is critical to making delivery more agile. The shorter the delivery time, the more sales: the drop in the deadline by half, from 4 days to two days, for example, makes the conversion of traffic to sales rise 40%, according to market research obtained by Valor.

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