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Heineken spreads its offices throughout SP to ease the commute

After announcing permanent remote work for administrative employees, the Heineken Group knew that offices would need to change their purpose. With no official date to return, the company renovated the Itu and Vila Olímpia units in São Paulo, focusing on broader areas for collaboration, and is now transforming spaces in its distribution centres in several cities in São Paulo into mini offices.

The idea of the Heineken Group is to ensure more comfort and offer options for work "outside the home" in addition to the two offices in Itu and Vila Olímpia, where there are traditional bars for moments of relaxation and connection between people.

The new "offices", which are called hubs, are under construction in Guarulhos, Embu das Artes and Sacomã. They should be ready by the end of the year. In the city of Sumaré and the São Paulo neighbourhood of Sacomã, the works are already finished.

The two hubs in operation should work as a learning experience, according to the company. In Sacomã, there are 18 hubs, and in Sumaré, 28.

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