HSI raises funds for a new cycle of contributions to offices and warehouses

Hemifério Sul Investimentos (HSI) is starting its new cycle of real estate assets investments, with one of its priorities being "boutique buildings" for commercial offices. Based close to subway stations and bike paths in São Paulo, and warehouses in the surroundings of large urban centres. To support the investees, the manager has opened fundraising of US$ 500 million, which it expects to close by the beginning of 2022. "Considering debt resources in the same proportion, our firepower reaches R$5 billion", says the founding partner of HSI, Max Lima.

Next year, in the partner's assessment, asset prices will be more attractive for purchase due to higher interest rates and the uncertain scenario, which bring volatility to the market. "Interests may reach double digits by the end of the first quarter of 2022, and the trend is for them to stay high throughout the year. In the middle of Dilma [Rousseff's] impeachment, we bought assets when nobody wanted. Our posture is countercyclical", says Lima.