Iguatemi hold talks about mergers and acquisitions opportunities but has no rush, according to the C

The consolidation movement in the shopping centre sector, which is more advanced abroad, will reach Brazil, and Iguatemi is in talks about possible mergers and acquisitions but is not in a hurry and observes price and financing, says the company's CEO, Cristina Betts, on this Friday's Live do Valor (20). "We always have conversations at the table; there are many opportunities for consolidation, there is space in the industry in general, and the sector has a certain dispersion".

"We are disciplined in allocating capital, and we will continue to be." According to her, there are many minority participants in various ventures in Brazil, which creates opportunities for consolidation. "But you don't have to be in a rush; it depends on the right prices and the moment of 'funding'", adding that the correct prices have to match the counterparty, and the financing depends on factors such as the macroeconomic moment.

For her, the scenario in 2022 is a little worse than imagined and creates uncertainty about what is available to consolidate and adjust price parameters. Betts highlights that Iguatemi made essential changes in 2021 to allow a better structure for funding.

"Last year, we carried out a corporate restructuring that allows us to look to this future and think about being an important player in the sector's consolidation", says Betts. "We are prepared," she says.